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     Training records and exemptions

    Managing your professional regulations in a simple way

    Manage your training hours and provide support to your members with ENSEMBLE. The training file allows learners to record and account for their training activities, to comply with the regulations and to ensure that their objectives are met. Whether it is through training suggestions or reminders, our tool integrates perfectly with the reference periods. You can track your members' compliance with your training regulations at any time.


    Hours targets by period, year and area
    Follow-up of goals
    Recorded activities
    Number of hours recognized
    Exemptions and waivers
    Tools for adding activities
    Progress and compliance reports
    Notifications and reminders to the member

    Management of exemptions

    Form generation

    A waiver request form can be activated and customized by managers.

    Waiver request

    Members can make their request online, specify the dates and attach a supporting document.

    Request validation

    The managers receive the requests, analyze them and can accept or refuse them.

    expert qui implante un règlement professionnel

    Expert in the implementation of your professional regulation

    Since each organization has its own training regulations, we implement your regulations including all their particularities: periods, objectives, calculation by status and date, fields of practice, etc.

    The 4-STEP reflective process

    ENSEMBLE offers a tool that allows members to carry out a personalized assessment of their professional development objectives, skills to be improved, actions to be taken and an associated integration plan.