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    Database/Membership Roll

    Simplicity and smart business to facilitate your daily tasks

    Central module of the ENSEMBLE platform, the roll of members facilitates the management of personal and professional information concerning your members, their history as well as all their activities related to the Order.

    A powerful database, a multitude of features are offered to you in order to plan your key periods, to question and manage your data in addition to allowing you to follow up efficiently on your various processes.

    Composition of the membership roll

    The data

    Member's personal information
    Member & Order Information
    Career History & Membership Fees
    Professional Relationships & Practice Locations
    Member's Professional Development


    Query Generator
    Management of membership fees
    Renewals & admissions management
    Batch operations
    Committee management



    Interactions with other organizations

    Interactions with other organizations

    Business Rules

    Electoral regions
    Professional address
    Rules for access to the membership card
    Primary employment of a member
    Member's membership fee
    Member's sector of activity
    Resignation / Deregistration
    Professionnel effectuant l'intégration du tableau de l'Ordre

    Simple and efficient implementation process

    Prior to the implementation, our specialist in the implementation of the roll of the Order proceeds to a complete analysis of your data and makes recommendations.

    Together, we work in collaboration, step by step, to ensure the success of your implementation

    Preliminary workshops

    The client presents his reality, the current state of his data and processes

    Analysis and recommendations of the ENSEMBLE expert

    Analysis of the entire database - Identification of adjustments to be made - Data sorting and conversion strategy - Presentation of a collaborative iterative implementation schedule, step by step to ensure the success of your implementation

    Activation of the ENSEMBLE platform

    Customization of the platform - Activation of modules - Customer training in order to start using the ENSEMBLE platform

    Iterative data implementation

    The member and his personal information - The member and the Order - The member and his professional environment - History and path - Organizations

    The roll of members and its digital environment

    Accounting Gateway - Membership Card - Tax Receipts - Membership Directory / Find a Professional, etc.

    Implementation of desired processes (renewal, admission, re-enrollment, students, etc.)

    Development of business rules - Implementation of the payment processor - Form customization, etc.

    Interoperability and customization

    You wish to continue the use of an external software and link it to the ENSEMBLE roll of members? No worries! It is possible to integrate with all types of external services so that your data management meets all your needs.

    The roll of members allows for great flexibility in custom development and personalization. Whether it is for sending reports to an external entity, the RAMQ for example, or for adding new sections, we can easily adapt the tool.

    Changing your membership database management system is not easy. With the dedicated team of ENSEMBLE, the transition was done with rigor and precision. They even took the time to clean up our data from three different management systems. Their sound advice and professional work have enabled us to offer our members a portal that meets our expectations in a professional manner.

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